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How to Embed Forms in a Novi Website

Embedding forms, such as Google forms or Formstack forms, in your Novi site.

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Using a form is a great way to collect specific data and information from members that is more in depth than a custom field - whether it's a survey, a nomination form or a committee application. 

Once you've created your form, easily embed it into your Novi site for easy member access by following the steps below. Please note that Novi currently does not host forms, but you'll notice that the steps to getting these forms on your site are very similar for different form hosting sites.

Google Forms

1. Create your Google form.
2. When complete, click on the Send button at the top right of the Google forms page.

3. In the modal that appears, click on the < > icon, which is generally a universal sign for Embed.
4. Copy the HTML code provided.

5. Head to the page on your Novi site where you'd like to add the form.

6. If not already on, toggle the Page Editor to "Active."
7. Click into the region where you'd like to place the form. In the content editor, click Tools and then Source Code.

8. Paste the HTML code in the source code where you'd like it to appear on your site.
9. Click the Ok button to close the modal, and then Save the page!

*Note: The form code puts an automatic size on the form. Feel free to change the width and height to get the form to the size of your liking. If you leave as is, and the entire form does not fit in the frame, users will be able to scroll within the frame to see the whole form.

Formstack Forms

1. Create your Formstack form.
2. Head to the Forms tab at the top of your Formstack navigation.
3. Click the Publish tab in the secondary navigation.
4. Copy the embed code under "Embed this form on your website."

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5. Follow steps 5-9 above.

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