What are draft dues rules?

Simply put, draft dues rules are dues rules that have been saved but not set to active. If you are making major changes to your dues, you may want to consider placing them in "draft" mode until they are complete and have been reviewed by another team member for accuracy.

All new dues rules start off in draft mode and remain there until you click to toggle the red DRAFT button, seen in the upper right corner below, to the green ACTIVE button. 

What happens if I have a dues rule is in draft mode?

If dues rules are in draft mode:

  • They will not require an item from QuickBooks to be assigned. However, you will need to assign them an item in QuickBooks before you can set the dues rule to Active.

  • New members WILL NOT be able to join the association while your dues are in draft mode, so please use this functionality with caution.

If you choose not to change the toggle to ACTIVE (or simply forget), you will be reminded of this throughout your site, specifically in these places:

1. On the Dues Rules tab of the member type

2. When adding a new member on the backend (and on renewals)

3. When a member tries to sign up on the frontend

>> More info on how to create and edit dues rules.

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