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Daily Digest Overview

Learn when the Daily Digest email is sent and what information is included.

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What is the Daily Digest?

The Daily Digest is an email summary of activities that need attention. It's automatically generated and sent to the recipients listed in Association Settings under the Association tab.

AE Tip: All admins can receive the Daily Digest...better to have too many eyes on it than not enough! List all emails to receive the Daily Digest in the Daily Digest Email Recipient(s) field.

When is the Daily Digest sent?

Since the Daily Digest email only includes applicable information, it's not actually sent every day. On the days it is sent, the email goes out at 8:30AM EST.

What information is in the Daily Digest?

When applicable, the following information will be included in the Daily Digest email:

  • Members expired yesterday

  • Recent Signups

    • The "Recent Signups" section of the Daily Digest email will not include signups that were completed by an admin on the backend.

    • It will include new dues-paying members, inheriting members (even if their parent company is pending approval), and individuals who created a user account (this could include expired members, prospects, and even non-members if your settings allow it).

  • Auto-pay for these members have failed

    • Members will have already been notified to update their credit card information

  • Auto-Renewals Not Run Due to Custom Transaction Numbers

    • This message is sent when the system attempts to run auto-renewals but determines that custom transaction numbers are turned on in QuickBooks Online (which can cause issues), so the renewals were NOT run.

    • Once you've updated the setting in QuickBooks Online (toggled it off), these missed auto-renewals will run the next day. (Or you can reach out to Novi in Intercom if you need them run today and we can trigger the auto-renewals for you.)

  • Possible Issue with Transactional Email Domain Authentication

    • This message is sent when your DNS has failed to authenticate for sending transactional emails from Novi through SendGrid.

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