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Member Types, Dues and Renewals
Member Types, Dues and Renewals
Overview of Member Type Categories
Create a New Member Type
Member Type Settings
Enable and Edit the Pending Membership and New Member Welcome Emails
Allow Members to Remove Optional Dues Items
Require Approval for New Memberships
Member Benefits Flow
Default Billable Party for Dues
Member Types that Limit Company Member Benefits to Certain Individual Members
Grant Member Benefits to Association Staff & Other Partners Not Expected to Pay Dues
Membership Auto-Renewals
Limiting Member Type Renewals
Auto-Renewals, Drops & Grace Periods... oh my!
Defining "New Member" vs "Existing Member"
Multi-Year Initial Terms
Auto-Pay For Membership Renewals
Setting Up Dues Rules
Connecting Dues Rules to QuickBooks Items and Marking as Active
Transaction Dates & Payment Terms on Dues Invoices
Draft Dues Rules
Reinstatement Fees
Optional Dues Rules & Product Add Ons for Dues Invoices
Tips for Collecting On & Handling Open Dues Invoices
How to Email Dues Invoices from Novi AMS
Create a Manual Dues Invoice
Recalculate and Update Open Dues Invoice
Update Dues Rules for Next Membership Term
Non-Renew and Credit
Find a List of Dropped Members
Company Membership with Seat-Based Dues: Admin Workflow on the Backend
Member-Initiated Renewals from the Member Compass
Enable or Disable Auto-Renew for a Specific Member
Adjusting Calendar Renewal Expiration Dates
Deep Dive: Understanding Member Expiration Dates & Outstanding Dues Invoices
Create a Month-to-Month Membership Option for Members
Advanced: Create Free Memberships that Auto-Renew Indefinitely
Deep Dive: Delete a Member Type with Inactive Records Still Attached