When a customer or member record is merged away in QuickBooks online, the losing record is deleted by QuickBooks.  Sometimes it can take time for the deleted record to completely vanish, but the record is eventually deleted.

Normally, Novi dutifully duplicates whatever action is performed in QuickBooks. We don't follow this precedent when it comes to records that are deleted as a result of a merge in QuickBooks because we don't want your accountant to accidentally delete your member data.

Notifications to Association Staff

Novi is able to detect a customer (member) record being merged away in QuickBooks Online within about a day, sometimes up to 7 days. This is dependent on QuickBooks. At that point, the system will notify staff in a couple of ways:

Email Alert to Staff

We'll send a "Daily Digest" email to staff bringing attention to the record or records merged away.

Deleted Customers Queue in Novi

Inside of Novi, the "Deleted Customer" queue will appear along with a red "alert" indicator. Clicking on this link will show you customers that were merged away in QuickBooks Online. Note that it can take some time, possibly days, to show in the "Deleted Customer" queue after being deleted in QuickBooks.

To process this list, simply find the record that you'd like to merge with, and press "merge records."  This will bring up our standard member merge.  

Please note that once a record has been processed in this merge queue, the losing record will be permanently deleted.

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