How to Email Dues Invoices from Novi AMS

Learn how to send a single invoice or multiple in batch.

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When it's time to send dues invoices from Novi to your members, you have a few options:

Trying to decide whether to send a Smart Renewal Notice or a Quickbooks Invoice? Here are our tips!

Email a Single Invoice

You can accomplish this in a few different places:

On the member record

Locate the member's record in Novi. On the transactions tab, find the invoice you want to send. In the Action column, click the downward arrow and select Send.

From the Accounting > Transactions Section

Only use this route if you know the invoice number. 

1. From the Novi admin, click on the Accounting tab and select Transactions.

2. Search for the invoice number.

3. In the Action column, click the arrow and select Send.

This will bring up a pop-up modal and allow you to add any additional emails you may want to include. As before, the subject and body of the email are not editable in Novi. The QuickBooks API integration currently does not allow for that.

Bulk Email Multiple Members

If you need to email multiple dues invoices for multiple members at once, this can be accomplished in the Accounting tab. Once you have navigated to this section:

1. Filter your transactions list.

  • Select the type of Dues Invoices (All, New, or Renewal).

  • Select Open or Overdue status.

  • You can also enter additional filters, such as Member Type or a date range.

  • In addition to the filter options, you can also click the gear icon and check the box to display the Last Sent Date column. This will show you the last time the transaction was sent via email (including both Smart Renewal and QuickBooks emails). Note that transactions sent prior to the Last Sent feature may show an "Unknown" last sent date.

2. On the left-hand side, select the invoices you want to send. You can quickly select all, by clicking on the top-left box.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The system will select the number of transactions shown on the page you're viewing. When batch selecting, if more transactions are available, a message will appear to provide the option to select all the transactions that match the filter:

  • To see the last time a transaction was sent via email, click the gear icon and check the box for Last Sent Date to add this display column.

3. Once multiple invoices have been selected, click the Batch Action button and then select Email Transactions.

This will immediately send out the selected invoices to the billing contact on the record's email. If no billing contact is supplied, it will send to the professional email on the member's record. If no main email is supplied, it will go to the primary contact's email. 

If no email, you will receive notice of the emails that couldn't be sent.

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