It's pretty simple to update the background images that display at the top of the home page of your website.  Here are a couple of quick steps:

Create an Event or Blog Post

The images displayed at the top of a Novi AMS home page come directly from events and blog posts, so you will need to create at least one of those in order to add an image to your home page.

When creating your event or blog post, pay particular attention to the image you choose.  Here are some best practices for you to follow.

Edit Top Featured Section of Home Page

From the home page, click on the edit icon at the very top of the page. Remember, you'll need to be logged in before you can make changes.

Add Events or Articles

Within the edit modal that appears, you can add or remove events or blog articles directly to your home page.

Set the Order

To set the order that articles and events are shown, you'll want to hover your cursor over the nine small dots to the left of the event or article's title. You will notice the cursor change to a four-way arrow.  With that cursor showing, you can drag and drop the articles and events into the the desired order.

AE Tips™: 

  • If an event is over, it will no longer show to website visitors in the featured section.
  • If the publish date on an article is set for the future, it will not show to website visitors until the publish date.
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