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Featured Image Best Practices

Best practices to consider when choosing featured images.

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Quick Stats

Recommended File Size

  • No larger than 200 KB

Featured Image Size

  • The optimal size is 2400 pixels wide x 1000 pixels tall

  • For best use, they should not exceed 2400 pixels wide

About Featured Images

When choosing featured images, think of images that are meant to be an eye-catching backdrop. Admins often want to use a photo they have in their file banks without thinking of where the image will go or the size of the image. Keep in mind that components using featured images can appear in multiple places, all in different sizes.

You have the option to crop and adjust your featured image. Or Novi will take the image you upload and pull from the top-center of the image - another reason to keep your images abstract.

You should be looking for images that are:

  • Large enough to look un-stretched if you choose to feature an event or article on your homepage.

  • Abstract enough where it won't matter if a portion of the image is covered up or cut off in certain areas on the site.

  • Only photos. As a best practice, do not include graphics with words as a featured image. This will look best from a scaling perspective and a design perspective.

Note: This does NOT mean that you have to use stock photos and can't use any images from your own events as featured images. We highly encourage giving your association a personal touch! You just want to make sure that the photos you use reflect your association in a positive light. Instead of snapping quick, blurry pics at your next event, consider taking a couple of extra seconds to really get clear shots that you'd love to showcase on your site.


Here is a great example of an abstract featured image that will scale and look professional in all instances:

On the opposite side, notice how the image below is stretched and blurry. That's because it started out really small. Also, notice how the man's head is cut off because the image is not abstract. This would be a great photo for a static page, but also a perfect example of a photo that doesn't do so well as a featured image:

Of course, this featured homepage section is not the only place featured photos will appear. That's why it's extremely important that you choose versatile images. You will also find featured images on:

  • Homepage slider

  • Sponsors section

  • Static pages with the photo header template (the same photo will be used for all static pages)

  • Blog landing page

  • Blog category page

  • Event category page

  • Event information pages

  • Ecommerce product store & product detail page header

Have doubts about your image? Ask the Novi team!

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