First things first. For a member to register for one of your events, the event must be created, set to active, and have tickets associated with that event. 

Once this is complete, your members will be able to see and begin to register.
>> More info on creating events in Novi.

Finding the Event Registration Page

From the event details page, they will click the Registration Options button.

Selecting Tickets

This will take them to the registration page for that event. From here, they can preview and select any ticket options or product add-ons available to them for purchase.

Note, members will need to be logged-in to their account in order to purchase any tickets that have been set to view/purchase by logged-in members.

Filling Out Their Details

After filling in the number of tickets they would like to purchase, they will be directed to the attendee information form that you created during event set-up.

If the member is logged-in, they will be able to see and select other staff members in their family tree/company, to quickly add them to the registration as well. If a member does not see someone from their staff listed, they will need to add that staff member to their company's profile via the Member Compass if they have the Management Access to do so.

Selecting a record from the drop-down (see above) will auto-fill the member details you may have on record including their name, email, phone number, and company. If such a record does not exist, they can manually enter the attendee's details (see below).

This also applies to custom fields that you have on both member records & events. The information will populate from the record. Note that updates to the event information will not update the member record.

Note: Manually entering an attendee and their details does not automatically add them to your database. Manually entering additional details on an existing record will not update and overwrite the record in your database.

Registration Summary

Next, they will see a preview of their registration summary. If a promo code is associated with that event, it will be displayed in the registration summary to be used.

Any email addresses that have been added to the attendee form will be displayed in the "Send Confirmation Email" field. They can also add additional email addresses if they need to copy someone else on the confirmation.


If the individual is logged-in, they will have the option to pay by credit card or be issued an invoice to pay later. Note, that if you only allowed credit card payment for your tickets, they will only see that option.

If an individual has not logged-in, they will only have the option to pay by credit card.

If the user is logged in and selects invoice as the payment method, then the member is asked to select a billable party. The choices available to the member (themselves or their company) are governed by a series of settings that your organization made during setup. Learn more about Purchaser vs Billable Party.

Completing the Registration

Once all the above items are completed, the individual will click the Complete Registration button and then be directed to an event confirmation page with the details of their purchase. If the event was set up with a "Post Registration" message, that will be displayed here as well.

Confirmation Email

A confirmation email will also be sent to any email addresses that were included in the registration. Any custom information that was added to the event for the ticket they purchased will be included in the email. See "giddy-up."

The billable contact will also get an email with a link or copy of their invoice.

Additional Info

  • If someone has already purchased a ticket and then decides they want to also purchase a second (different) ticket for the same event, they can do so from the frontend. They just can't purchase a 2nd of the original ticket for themselves.

  • If an event has one or more tickets set-up then the Add to Calendar button will not be shown until the user has purchased a ticket. This way, they don't mistakenly think they've registered by clicking this button.

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