Choose whether you would like to allow or not allow non-member signups. By default, the box (shown below) to "Allow Non-Member Account Signup" will be checked. Reach out to the Novi team if you would like to verify or change your current setting, since it is a setting only we can toggle.

Some of you may want to allow users to create accounts without having a membership because, for example, you may want to be able to track new prospects or prospect staff that have signed up on your website. On the flip side of that, you may want to restrict new account signups to only members in order to not clutter up your database.

  • If this setting is not checked, a message will pop up during the account creation process that will let the user know that we were unable to find their membership in the database and prompt them to register for one. If this setting is checked on, there will be a link to let them create a non-member account.

NOTE: This process is a bit different for companies in a member type where benefits are limited to only a certain number of staff members. Learn more here.

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