To pull a list of Non-Renew and Credited dues invoices in Novi, go to the Accounting section, and the Transactions tab. In the filter drop-down, click on Transaction Status and select Non-Renew.

Please remember two things:

  • "Non-Renew & Credit" is Novi functionality. This means that QuickBooks does not have a concept of a "Non-Renewed" invoice. While you will see this status in Novi, In QuickBooks, if a credit memo has been applied to an invoice, it will always show as "paid" even if the member didn't actually "pay." 
  • QuickBooks will always be the system of record for accounting, but only invoices created and non-renewed in Novi will have this status. The workflow above will show you a list of all dues invoices (1) created in Novi and (2) non-renewed in Novi. If you have created or credited dues invoices in QuickBooks, the transactions you have created or edited will not be included in the list. A more precise way of accounting for all credit memos applied to dues items (products and services) is to pull the report from QuickBooks.

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