A common method of determining successful marketing campaigns is tracking checkout conversion rates. This can be ecommerce (i.e. shopping cart), event registrations, or membership. The checkout process in Novi AMS allows for tracking of these conversions. All you need to know is what to target in the checkout success URLs. Then you can use that information to tie into your favorite analytics tool.

The Checkout Process

Even though ecommerce, event registration, & membership are all separate checkout processes in Novi, they all work in a similar fashion. The process goes something like this -

  1. User chooses an item (product, ticket, member type) to purchase

  2. User fills in the required information

  3. User clicks the "Complete Checkout" button

  4. User is directed to a "checkout success" screen congratulating them on their purchase

It's that final step (#4) which is important to your analytics tracking.

Checkout Success Pages

In all three checkout cases, a successful completion will direct the user to a new page. Each success page has a URL containing information to use as a target in your tracking analytics. Below are example URLs to show the information for each type of checkout.

Note: Each of these URLs will start with your association's base website URL ("https://www.yourassociation.org"). 

Events -  /events/register-confirm?eventId={{eventId}}&registrationId={{registrationId}}&checkout-success=true

  • {{eventId}} - Represents which event for which the user registered. You can find this unique ID in the URL of the event page in the admin section of Novi.

  • {{registrationId}} - Represents the individual registration action the user just completed. This is unique to each registration and is not currently exposed in the Novi admin.

Ecommerce - /ecommerce/checkout-confirm?orderId={{orderId}}&checkout-success=true

  • {{orderId}} - Represents the unique order the user just created. This can been seen by clicking the "View" link for the order details in the Novi admin.

Membership - /member-compass?checkout-success=true&checkout-type={{memberCheckoutType}}&member-type-id={{memberTypeId}}

  • {{memberCheckoutType}} - This value can be either "new" or "renewal" and represents whether the membership was new or a manual renewal.

  • {{memberTypeId}} - This value represents the member type that was used in this membership checkout. This ID can be found in the URL of the member type edit screen in the Novi admin.


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