Similar to how new members can sign up for membership, current prospects and non-members in your system can also accomplish this. 

Join from the Member Compass

If they create an account and have a login to the website, they can do it right from their Member Compass.

From their Member Compass, they will see the following "Interested In A Membership? Join Now!" message.

Note: For trade associations, only individuals with management access are permitted to sign their non-member or prospect company up for membership.

If you have enabled non-member account sign-up, and an individual creating a new user account selects a parent company who is a prospect with no existing staff members with management access, they will be added as the Primary Contact upon approval of their new user account. They will then have the option to join from the Member Compass when ready.

>> Learn more about allowing non-member account sign-up.

Complete the Membership Signup

Once they click Join Now, they are taken through the following three steps:

Member Type

This section allows the new member to select the member type that best applies to them. Only member types set to show on the frontend appear here unless the applying member is a prospect currently in a "hidden" member type.

They will also only see member types that apply to their current setup situation. 

For example, if John Smith is the primary contact of non-member ABC Company, John Smith will be able to sign the company up for membership. John Smith cannot, however, sign himself into an individual member type (unless John himself was a prospect in an Individual member type)

Key Info

The user will then be prompted to fill out the applicable Key Information fields that you have decided needs to be asked of them.


After the user fills out the appropriate information, they are then asked to checkout for the membership renewal. The system will check the member type settings to determine dues amounts, product add-ons, etc., and present the user with payment options (as applicable).

Confirm Account

Once checkout was successful, the member will be asked to confirm their user account email address. Learn more about this security measure.

Member Compass

After confirming their email address they will land in their Member Compass and see a success message in a green box. This will be located at the top of the page, as pictured below.

If you require approval on the member type:

  • The message will say: Your new membership checkout was successfully completed, and your membership is now awaiting approval. Thank you!

  • Their status will be Pending.

If you do not require approval on the member type:

  • The message will say: Your new membership checkout was successfully completed. Thank you!

  • Their status will be Current.

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