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User Account Email Verification

When creating a user account or changing their login email, Novi will ask the user to confirm their email & will validate the domain.

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As part of the protections in place to protect your information and site from scammers, spam, and bad actors creating fake accounts, Novi verifies user account emails.

In a nutshell, when creating a new user account or changing their login email, users will be required to confirm their email.

Additionally, when a new user account is created, Novi will validate the email domain against known domains for already approved family members in your database. If there is no match, the new user signup will be placed in a pending status in your Recent Signups for you to verify, and accept or deactivate.

These account verification settings are on by default, to Enable Company Employee Signup Protections. We highly recommend maintaining this setting as security against bad actors and fake accounts, but it can be turned off by request.

Email Domain Verification

When a new user account has a verified email domain:

For each new user account email added, Novi will check the email domain against existing verified email domains in the company family tree. If a match is found, the user account will display in Recent Signups as approved and the member will inherit benefits immediately.

  • Note: We do not verify against the "big guys," like Gmail or Outlook.

When a new user account does not have a verified email domain:

That is, when a new signup email domain does not match an existing email domain* within their family, the new member is still able to create their account and password, but will be placed in a pending status. Their Member Compass will notify them their status is pending approval.

  • Note: When looking for a match to an existing email domain within their family, the system will check all domains for approved records that are related to the new signup. For example, in the case of a large family with multiple companies and staff members, it will check against the parent company, all sub-companies, and all staff email addresses. The only exception would be if one of these related records is still pending approval.

Novi admins, on the backend, will see the unverified account in their Daily Digest and Recent Signups with action to Approve or Deactivate. This provides the opportunity to review the new member email, and if verified, approve and provide member benefit access.

*Note: If you choose to deactivate a new signup, we suggest adding a note on the deactivated account activity timeline to note the reason, such as "User email domain not verified." And remember, accounts can always be reactivated as needed!

Email Account Confirmation

Upon completing their profile, they are prompted to confirm their email and account.

To verify their email address, they will receive an email providing a link to Activate Account, or, if preferred, they can copy and paste the Confirmation Code.

The new user will receive an email with a link to set their password. Once the password is successfully created, the member's account will be verified!

When a user changes their login account email:

They will be asked to verify their new email:


How can I see if an email has been verified?

As an admin, you can check a person's profile on the backend (Settings tab) to see if their email has been verified:

What happens when a person is added to my company?

The Primary Contact will receive an email (see below) directing them to visit their Member Compass to remove the person if the person is not authorized to receive benefits.

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