There are 3 types of event-related emails that can be sent directly from the Novi system: the original confirmation email, a manually sent confirmation email by an admin, and automatic event reminder email.

This does not include email campaigns created inside of MailChimp or Constant Contact after syncing an event attendee list over.

Important Notes:

  • In the original confirmation email, additional information can be added/edited on a per-ticket level (see the Members-Only header in the first screenshot below - in the gray section). Other sections of Novi event emails are not customizable at this time.

  • The branding of these emails is specific to your organization.

  • The original confirmation email and reminder emails will include all attendees who were registered by the same purchaser within the same registration. The manual confirmation will include the name of the attendees you choose to send the manual confirmation to in a batch action.

  • These emails will vary a bit depending on the type of event. For example, online events will have your webinar information or the private join links for attendees, while in-person events would have the address.

  • Remember that if you need to send specific communications to your attendees, you can sync the attendee list over to MailChimp or Constant Contact via the event's Settings. 


Original Confirmation Email


Manual Confirmation Email

>> More info about sending manual confirmation emails


Event Reminder Email

>> More info about automated email reminders

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