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Roundtable Recap: Data Cleanup for New Year's
Roundtable Recap: Data Cleanup for New Year's
December 20, 2022
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For our final roundtable of 2022, we discussed how to establish a realistic data cleanup process. More specifically, we reviewed which Novi tools can help you maintain records, as well as how you can inspire members to update their own information.

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Key takeaways from the roundtable:

Create a Cleanup Schedule

  • Establish a realistic schedule for data cleanup.

  • Don't pressure yourself to have an elaborate data maintenance process right away! Start small.

  • Identify a Data Champion, who should guide initiatives on database cleanliness.

Use Novi's Built-In Tools

Detect Inaccurate Data with Reports

  • Regularly revisit reports that identify:

    • Duplicate records

    • Records with missing essential fields

    • Individual records that have been detached from their parents

  • See detailed instructions on how to build these important reports in our roundtable handout.

Inspire Members to Update Their Records

  • Have a premade follow-up message for reaching out to unengaged members.

  • Plan contests! Reward members with gift cards if they update their profiles within a certain window.

  • Create drip campaigns for users without accounts.

  • Put an “Update Your Profile” message in the footer of all your emails.

Consider Third-Party Tools

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