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QuickBooks Analyzer Tool

Check your QuickBooks records for duplicates, ambiguous records, and invalid formatting.

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The QuickBooks Analyzer tool runs right within Novi and scans your QuickBooks record data for things like duplicates, ambiguous records, and invalid formatting (For example, emails with two @@'s that QuickBooks didn't detect)

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When should I use this tool?

This tool is something you may want to consider running every week to two weeks, to keep your data in top shape. Similar to DataMaid, but run directly in your Novi site, this is a quick way to analyze your QuickBooks records for things you may have missed otherwise.

Where can I find the QuickBooks Analyzer tool?

  • Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the admin side of your site

  • Under Tools, select QuickBooks Analyzer

How does this tool work?

Immediately after opening the QuickBooks Analyzer, if there are any records with issues, they will displayed in the corresponding columns:

  • the name of the record

  • the field name that has an issue

  • the value in the field

  • what the specific problem is

To fix any of these issues:

  • Be sure to log in to QuickBooks in a separate tab before beginning this process!

  • Click the name of the record.

  • This will open the record inside of your QuickBooks account to be updated.

  • See "What Action Do I Need To Take" further below for details.

Deleted Records and Records with Similar Names

By default, we do not include deleted (AKA "inactive") records in the list, nor records with similar names. To include these, check the corresponding box at the top of the list.

Record matching - similarity percentage

If "Include check for similar names" is marked, the results display records with similar names based on 80% similarity.

  • This is the default "similarity percentage" but you can change it to a different value. For example, 90% will reduce the list to items that are a much closer match and are more likely to need follow-up.

What action do I need to take?

Depending on the reason a record is on the list, you may or may not need to take further steps to clean up the data.

"Potential Duplicate" and "Records with Similar Names"

  • Some of them may actually be different companies or people with similar names (like LCPA Publications and DDPC Publications), so no action is needed.

Invalid Formatting

  • Occasionally, you'll see rows in the analyzer that point to invalid formatting. These may be left over from before your organization started using Novi, or may point to formatting that slipped through the cracks in QuickBooks Online. Examples include an invalid phone number, email, website, etc. If this is the case, simply open the record and update the information.

Ambiguous Records

QuickBooks Online only has the concept of a customer record, but Novi has both companies and people. The way it is determined what type of record it is in Novi is if the record's Display Name exactly matches either the Company Name or First and Last names on the record in QuickBooks.

If it's unclear because there's not a match, it's called an Ambiguous Record and will need to be cleaned up. This wouldn't be an issue with records that have been created in Novi, but if someone creates records in QuickBooks for any reason, you'll want to get these cleaned up.

Are there other tools I can use to keep my data clean?

The QuickBooks Analyzer is just one of the many tools you have access to for reviewing and cleaning your data. Check out these other helpful articles for more information:

  • Address Cleanup Tool - Helps you quickly identify and update records in your system without a billing/shipping address.

  • DataMaid - A QuickBooks Online data cleaning tool that sweeps and scans your data to identify errors and update them on the spot!

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