Printing Transactions within Novi

Print invoices & sales receipts within Novi, individually or in bulk.

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Transactions can be printed one at a time or in batches.

Print Transactions Individually

Once you have opened the specific transaction, click the arrow on the right side of the blue button. This will give you the option to Print or Preview.

Print Transactions in Bulk

To print transactions in bulk, go to the Transactions tab within Novi. From there, find the invoices or sales receipts that you want to print. The filter can help speed this process up. Once you have found your transactions, select the ones you want to print (individually or by selecting all). Then use Batch Actions to print.

1. Find the transactions you want to print

2. Select the transactions you want to print:

Transactions will print in the order you have them sorted on the transactions screen. If you want to change the order (for example, alphabetically by Member name) sort the list of transactions by clicking on the corresponding column header before choosing the invoices to print.

3. Print using batch actions

IMPORTANT NOTE: By default, if you select all, this will select the transactions shown on the page. If additional transactions are available to print, a message will appear with the option to select all transactions that match.

Change the Size of the Batch

The default batch size is 50 transactions. If you'd like to print more invoices at once, you can select all transactions that match the filter:

When printing, if you remain on the Transactions page you will see a series of messages about the printing progress, ultimately allowing you to download the PDF that the system has generated:

Additionally, you will receive an email with the download link.

Having trouble seeing your print download? Check out a few print troubleshooting tips.

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