Issues Printing Transactions as an Admin

A quick troubleshooting guide on why you may be having troubles printing transactions (or other PDF files).

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If you run in to any issues printing transactions on the backend, there are a few things you'll want to check for if it looks like your transaction is not opening.

Check Browser Windows & Downloads Folder

Novi generates a PDF download that any browser can print. This means that while some browsers may open this transaction in a new window or tab, others may send it directly to your Downloads folder.

Check for Popup Blockers

If it looks like "nothing is happening" when you try to print a transaction, check your pop-up blocker and make sure that pop-ups are allowed. If it already does, add your website URL to the list of trusted sites. 

A quick Google search should return articles for your particular browser. Here is an article explaining how to allow pop-ups in Chrome.

Chrome will also provide visual queues if it is actively blocking a pop-up from a website.

Clicking on the icon will allow you to quickly approve pop-ups specifically for your site.

Try Another Browser

Different browsers can be configured differently when it comes to this type of download. There is a chance that you will find luck with another option. Try Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, or even IE.

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