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Processing Payments Through Stripe

As an alternative to QuickBooks Payments, Stripe provides reliable, secure and simple payment processing.

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Stripe is a third-party payment processor that is compatible with Novi. Stripe is used by companies like Lyft and Target as well as organizations including the Girl Scouts and Habitat for Humanity. Enjoy reliable, secure, and simple payment processing.

Topics covered in this article:

Connecting to Stripe

To connect your Novi website to Stripe, you will first need to create a Stripe account.

Please let us know once you've created your account, and we will update your site's settings to allow for the connection.

Once we are done on our end, please follow these steps:

  • Head to your Association Settings on the backend of your site, found in the top right corner by clicking on your name.

  • Click on the Integrations tab on the lefthand side.

  • Click the blue Connect with Stripe button.

  • Log in to your Stripe account.

  • Once complete, a screen will appear, validating your connection. Exit this screen and return to Novi.

  • Go to Association Settings and the Integrations tab once again to ensure that you have a message confirming the connected. See example below:

Testing Stripe

Once you are connected, you will need to run a $1 test charge to test your connection through your Stripe account.

Note: There is a 7 day hold for payouts that will begin once you run this first charge. During the 7 day hold, you can still charge members. However, it is part of the Stripe security process to wait 7 days before payouts.

>> Don't miss the Important Items of Note below!

Deposit Reconciliation

Creating a Stripe deposit isn't much different than the workflow for depositing checks. In this case, you'll want to rely on Stripe to show you what transactions are included in a deposit. Once you have that, you'll go through the create deposit workflow in QuickBooks online.

On the create deposit screen, you will want to select those Stripe transactions and create the deposit. You will also need to account for any fees deducted from the credit card batch. This should result in a deposit into your bank account in QuickBooks that matches the number that your bank has.

Nuances & Important Items of Note

  • Once your Stripe account is created and connected to the site, avoid creating "test" transactions outside of the recommended $1 test, as these will show in your Stripe account.

  • While you can choose to accept payments using both processors outside of Novi, you may only connect Novi to one processor at a time in order to prevent confusion and transaction issues.

  • Reconciling: Both Stripe & QuickBooks Payments batch payments together & deposit to your bank account.

    With QuickBooks Payments being a QuickBooks product, QuickBooks can auto-reconcile/match the credit card & ACH payments to that deposit automatically and takes care of the accounting transaction for it.

    Stripe doesn't have that direct connection to QuickBooks, won't be able to automatically match payments to a deposit. In this case you'll just need to head to your QuickBooks deposits to determine which payments were a part of a deposit to reconcile.

  • Members will always need to pay via Novi Member Compass: In transaction emails sent from QuickBooks, "online invoice" to pay via QuickBooks isn't an option since QuickBooks doesn't have a direct connection with Stripe. Transactions sent from QuickBooks will only include a PDF for members to see, but they'll still need to be directed to Novi to pay.

  • Receiving payments: With Stripe, admins must always process received payments (being paid with credit card) in Novi - not QuickBooks Online.
    QuickBooks has no direct interaction with Stripe, so you'll be unable to process a credit card if you receive the payment in QuickBooks.
    Additionally, the ACH payment method is not available to Stripe users in Novi.

  • Refunds: Your refund will be issued in Stripe, then you'll need to head to QuickBooks Online to create the refund receipt to track it to the customer record.

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