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Track Meeting Attendance
Track Meeting Attendance

Learn how to track attendance for events, committee meetings, board meetings, and education classes.

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Associations can use Novi AMS to track attendance for events and education classes. They can also track committee and board meeting attendance using a similar workflow.

Tracking Attendance

  • Create an event. Events tracking registrations cannot be recurring since the idea is to track attendance for a single event.

  • Add credits if applicable. Credits are set up on the ticket level. Anyone who is registered under that particular ticket and marked as attended will receive credit.

  • Attendees must register. This can be done by an admin on the backend or by the member on the frontend website. We recommend that you lock your tickets down to members only. If the fields aren't locked down, a member could very well register as a guest using a slightly different name and his or her attendance record could get lost in the shuffle.

  • During registration or just after the event, you should mark attendance for each attendee.

Mark Attended: One Record at a Time

Mark Attended: Batch Action

Step 1 - Select Records.

Tip: click the top checkbox in the blue section to select all!

Step 2 - Mark Attended:

Change Attended to Did Not Attend or back to Unknown

Did you accidentally mark someone as Attended who did not attend? No worries! Click on the marked-out red circle to change their status and denote Did Not Attend.

Or perhaps you accidentally updated attendance, but you marked the wrong record and need to change as you don't know if this individual attended or not? You only need to click on the green checkmark or marked-out red circle again to remove the Attended status back to Unknown.


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