Continuing education is in high demand these days, and offering educational events for your members is a great way to convey the benefit of association membership. In addition to earning credits, these types of events also provide valuable networking opportunities for members and position your organization ahead of the competition.

Whether you use Novi for all of your events or not, you can keep track of members' credits on their records, allowing admins and members to pull a CEU report for all credits earned.

If you offer multiple categories of credits, keep reading to learn how you can add custom CEU Types to your site.

How To Set Up CEU Types

To add a new custom CEU Type to your site, follow these steps:

  • On the backend, go to Events > CEU Types

  • Click the Add CEU Type button (top right)

  • Enter the Name of the CEU Type

  • Toggle to Active

  • Click the Save & Close button

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