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Create a Manual Dues Invoice

How to manually run dues for a single member or prospect.

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In most cases, you will want Novi's automated member type settings to create dues invoices. However, you can still process a dues renewal for a single member.

1. Open the member/customer record that you want to use. If you have not created the member record, then follow this article instead: Create a member from scratch
2. Navigate to the Details tab.

3. Ensure that the member has a Designated Member Type selected. Remember, "None Designated" can only inherit member benefits.

4. If the member is expired (or renewing early), press the Renew Membership button. If the member is a prospect, then press the Convert Prospect to Member button.

5. When the Create Membership (or Renew Membership) modal opens, review the Membership Summary for accuracy.

  • If the Expiration Date was already correct, this process will advance their expiration date to the next year. So if applicable, change the expiration date back to the current year before saving.

6. Enter Payment information. If you don't want to charge for dues, see the section below.

7. Depending on your business practices, you may Save & Close, Save & Send (the invoice), or Save & Print (the invoice).

Dues Invoices Created in QuickBooks

Generally, we recommend against creating dues invoices inside of QuickBooks, but we realize that this may need to be done from time to time. In this case, you are responsible for updating that member's data inside of Novi (i.e. member type and expiration date).

Create Membership without Charging

To update membership information without creating a dues invoice, follow the same workflow above with one exception. On the Create Membership/Renew Membership screen, toggle Charge for Dues to OFF.

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