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Changing the Send Invoice Email Message

Edit the message that is sent along with invoices that are emailed from Novi AMS (when using the standard QuickBooks invoice email).

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Wondering how to change the subject and body content that accompany invoices sent from Novi? When sending an invoice from Novi there are two different types of email templates:

1. Novi's Smart Renewal Notices emails - If you're sending invoices related to membership renewals, check out this article for steps to edit the message(s).

2. QuickBooks Invoice email - If you're sending an invoice for an event registration, a product purchase, or dues for a new member, then follow the steps below to update the QuickBooks Invoice email.

Edit the QuickBooks Invoice Email

In QuickBooks, follow these steps to edit the message settings and verbiage:

  • Click on the big gear settings icon in the upper right corner

  • Select Account and Settings

  • Select the Sales tab on the left

  • In the Messages section, click on the pencil icon next to "Default email message sent with sales forms"

QuickBooks Settings:

Edit the Default Email Message Sent with Sales Forms:

  • You can also edit the verbiage for reminder emails. This is located in the Reminders section, which is directly under the Messages section (from above).

Edit the Default Email Message Sent with Reminders:

Please note that previously sent invoices will retain the default message that it was originally sent with.

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