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Changing the Order of Custom Directory Filters
Changing the Order of Custom Directory Filters

Learn how to reorder the custom filters used in your directories.

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Allow your members to quickly find exactly who they're looking for in your member directory by changing the order of your directory's custom filters.

First, we'd like to point out some filters that have a pre-determined order...

Directory Filters: Member Fields

The filters listed below will be displayed in a specific order in the Filters dropdown menu of your directory and their order cannot be changed. This only applies if these filters are turned on in a directory - otherwise they will be hidden.

  • The Member Type and Has Special Offer filters are locked in to the first two spots on the dropdown menu.

  • Location filters are displayed last, in this order: City, State, Postal Code, County/Parish, and Country.

Any custom field filters or group filters you create for your directory will be displayed between the fields above - custom fields first and then group filters.

Keep reading below for steps to change the order of custom field filters...

Directory Filters: Custom Fields

Custom fields that are set to be visible as a Member Directory Filter (learn more about this setup here) will be available in the directory settings so you can decide if it should show as a filter or not. Once the custom fields are set up, follow the steps below to review and edit the frontend display order.

To change the order of your custom directory filters:

1. Go to Fields > Sections on the backend.

2. Next, create a folder by typing the name in the Add New Section field (top right), and click the + button to add it to the list. This "section name" will not show on the member directory filter - this is optional and just for organization on the backend.

3. Now you can drag and drop each field by order of importance.

On your frontend directory in the Filters dropdown, the fields will be displayed in the order that you set them up above.

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