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Changing the Order of Custom Directory Filters
Changing the Order of Custom Directory Filters

Learn how to reorder the custom filters used in directories.

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Utilizing Novi's custom directory filters and ordering system enhances the users' experience by allowing them to quickly find exactly they are looking for with just a few clicks!

Admins can create and arrange filters based on specific member fields (such as member type, city, state/province, zip, county/parish, country), custom fields, and groups.

Items of Note:

  • Custom fields used as directory filters must be Checkboxes (shown in directory as "any/yes/no") or Set of Options (shown in directory as a drop-down).

  • Groups will be shown with "any/yes/no" values.

All available filters can be added, removed, and rearranged within each directory's settings modal on the backend.

  • In the example screenshot below, Member Type is the first filter, followed by location filters (City and State) and then a custom field (Areas You Service).

To rearrange the display order:

  1. Ensure all of the filters have been added to the Filters section by typing in the name of the field and clicking the +Add button (see screenshot above).

  2. Click on the filter to be moved and hold it while dragging it up or down in the list.

  3. Drop it in the new position.

  4. Click the Save & Close button to save changes.

On the frontend directory in the Filters button dropdown, the fields will be displayed in the order set in the above steps.

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