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QuickBooks Payments vs Stripe Pricing

Learn the difference between QuickBooks Payments and Stripe, including the credit card processing fees they both charge.

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For a number of reasons, data integrity and ease of use among them, we highly recommend that associations use QuickBooks Payments as their credit card processor. No processor is better integrated with QuickBooks, and none can top the automation available between an accounting system and a payment processor.

QuickBooks Payments has been known for its conservative approach to approving new businesses to use its platform. In the past, we have had a small handful of associations not pass their stringent requirements. For this reason, we added Stripe as an alternative.

Stripe is a solid alternative, but their payment system is not as tightly integrated with QuickBooks as what QuickBooks Payments provides. This is why we highly recommend that an organization with a choice use QuickBooks Payments.


Credit card fees can be a riddle within a puzzle, but thankfully both QuickBooks Payments and Stripe provide relatively straightforward pricing pages. While each organization will have a slightly different experience, both options are roughly the same cost.  Additionally, when you factor in the staff time saved and lower chance of data corruption, QuickBooks Payments is the clear winner.


*Currently, all Novi customers receive preferred pricing when using QuickBooks Payments which reduces your rates for card charges by a small percent from the rates below.

As of 7/31/2023:

  • ACH: 1% up to a maximum of $10

  • Card - Invoiced: 2.99% (For most, dues payments would be covered by this.)

  • Card Reader - 2.5%

  • Card - Keyed: 3.5%


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Stripe will be more accommodating of International transactions, but they will charge an additional 1% for the service. Additionally, they list an additional 1% fee for currency conversion.

As of 6/19/2024:

  • ACH: 0.8% up to $5 cap

  • Card - Invoiced: Not available

  • Card - Keyed: 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction

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