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Purchaser Information

Learn how to view purchaser information on your orders.

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View a detailed breakdown of the purchaser information quickly when reviewing an order confirmation in the backend without needing to visit a separate page. 

This will be located underneath the "Order Status & Tracking" section. Regardless of whether the purchaser was a logged-in member or a guest, the same basic information will appear in that section (Display Name, Email, Phone).

To change the Purchaser Information, click into the order and change out the information. The Purchaser Information Name field can be edited - select a record from the database or type a new name (which will show up as a Novi Guest record).

This is typically needed when a member accidentally purchases a product as a guest, and you want the information in the Orders list to show the member's actual record instead of Novi Guest.

  • Please note that this does NOT update the Purchaser on the original transaction. This information is only updated in the Orders list inside of Novi. The transaction will still be on the original purchaser's record, whether that's a member record or Novi Guest. If you want to update the transaction to show the new Purchaser, you'll need to make those changes in QuickBooks Online.

  • If selecting a record from the database in the Purchaser Name drop-down, the Email and Phone fields will be locked down in the order modal. To edit a member's contact information, you'll need to go to the record and update there. The new email/phone will then transfer to the order.

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