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How To Review and Approve The QuickBooks Online Import
How To Review and Approve The QuickBooks Online Import
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One of the first steps in data import is importing your QuickBooks Online customer records into your Novi website. When this section of the import is complete, we'll ask you to review and approve the initial QuickBooks data that has been imported. 

How can I review and approve this portion of the import?

Once this portion is complete, the Novi team will send you an email for approval. We will ask you to review three main items - click on the links below for information on how to review each.

BONUS: Why don't my Open & Overdue invoice amounts in Novi exactly match QuickBooks? (We don't ask you to approve that they match, but if you're curious, feel free to check out this article!)


Other Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the QuickBooks Online customer import?

This process solely brings in all of your QuickBooks Online customer records to your Novi database. We do not import your Vendors or Employees sections of QuickBooks Online into Novi. 

Additionally, this part of the import does not involve your members spreadsheet quite yet. That comes directly after. It is simply your Customer records that exist within QuickBooks Online and their associated transactions, if applicable. Bringing in the spreadsheet will be the next step after your approval of the QuickBooks import.

Read more about how the spreadsheet records and QuickBooks records will interact in terms of merging and information here.

Do I need to create a customer record in QuickBooks Online for a customer in my spreadsheet who is not already in QuickBooks prior to import?

Nope! Once the data import process is complete and approved, the two systems become a two-way sync. This means that even if a record is not in your spreadsheet it will still have a record in Novi if it has a QuickBooks customer record. It will just be a non-member in Novi. On the opposite side, if a record in your spreadsheet does not already have a record in QuickBooks, a record will be created.

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