In your Novi Accounting > Transactions section, you're able to see a quick view of your open and overdue invoice amounts. We call this section the "stage."

We follow a slightly different set of "rules" than QuickBooks does (in some cases) for the total balance and number of open invoices that appear here, so it is not uncommon that the total you see in the Novi stage differs from the QuickBooks stage.

Here are the differences:

  • The QuickBooks stage shows these amounts in terms of the last 365 days by default. In order to give you a broader look at the "bigger picture," Novi shows the all-time amounts by default. Keep in mind that you can always use your transaction page filters in Novi if you need to see transactions in the list within a certain timeframe.

  • Invoices MUST be connected to a customer record in order to show in Novi. If there is no customer record attached, you may see the invoice in QuickBooks, but it won't be reflected in Novi.

  • QuickBooks counts unapplied credit memos toward your stage totals. Novi strictly looks at open and overdue invoices.

BONUS: While this won't affect your stage count differing between Novi and QuickBooks, please note that if you notice that your "overdue" balance is higher than your "open" balance, this is normal. We do follow QuickBooks lead in this instance. The Overdue balance does not take partial payments into account, while the Open balance does.

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