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Approving The QuickBooks Online Import: Are transactions showing on the transactions page in Novi?
Approving The QuickBooks Online Import: Are transactions showing on the transactions page in Novi?
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For this approval point, you'll just want to take a look and make sure that your financial transactions in QuickBooks Online also show in Novi. 

Here is what you'll want to review:

The total number of transactions showing in both systems. Compare the number of invoices, sales receipts, payments, credit memos, and refunds in both Novi and QuickBooks Online.

Written Instructions:

In Novi: 

  • Use your filter on the Accounting > Transactions page to filter the list by each transaction type. 

  • For each of the following transaction types, scroll to the bottom of the list and make note of how many of each type are in Novi:

    • All Invoices

    • Sales Receipt

    • Payment

    • Credit Memo

    • Refund

Note: For invoices, you should just check the All Invoices section. Since you haven't been creating invoices in Novi yet, there will be no invoices in the system labeled as dues, event, or product.

In QuickBooks:

  • Click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner to bring up the search bar. Click Advanced Search.

NOTE: Some QuickBooks Online accounts are using a new advanced search, that only shows transaction totals up to 10,000. The new search looks like the image below. If you see this new search, use the "Go to classic Advanced Search" link to perform your checks.

  • Click on the All Transactions filter. Use this filter to find your transaction types. For example, if you're comparing the number of Invoices, make sure you filter this to say Invoices.

    • Note: Depending on your setup, Invoices can sometimes be called Pledges in QuickBooks, Sales Receipts just "Receipts", and Payments - "Payments from Customers")

  • The number in "Found X Matches" should match your numbers from Novi. Note: If the numbers do not match, please set your date filter to an earlier date. Novi will show all invoices connected to customers, regardless of date, the filter in QuickBooks usually only starts at the beginning of the current year. Perhaps try 1/1/2000 to start.

Additional Info - PLEASE READ!

In order for a transaction to appear in Novi, it must meet three criteria points:

  • The transaction must be attached to a customer record.

  • The transaction must be an invoice, sales receipt, payment, credit memo, or refund. Journal entries and Checks will only show in Novi if they are tied to a customer record.

  • Transactions pertaining to your vendors (not your supplier/associate members, if that applies to you, but rather the people YOU pay for services), will not appear in Novi. Only transactions on the revenue/customer side of QuickBooks Online.

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