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MailChimp + Novi Tips and Tricks
MailChimp + Novi Tips and Tricks

Learn about some useful tips for certain emailing scenarios pertaining to Novi and MailChimp.

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Replicating a Campaign

Have two or more Novi groups that you often send MailChimp emails to at the same time? Rather than setting up your campaign "to" conditions each time you'd like to email this set of groups, simply replicate the last campaign you sent to this set. This will automatically copy over the conditions you set up previously to include multiple Novi groups that have been synced with MailChimp.

Using Tags to Dial-In Campaign Recipients

MailChimp tags are a great way to segment your synced groups and attendees for further dialing in your email campaigns. An example can be seen in the video below. This video demonstrates how to use tags in MailChimp to segment certain attendees in a synced event attendee list and exclude those attendees from the campaign.ย 

So for example, maybe you want to send an email to only those attendees who registered for a member ticket, but not a non-member ticket. Create a MailChimp tag to mark your non-members, and remove them from the campaign list.

Visit MailChimp's tag guide (linked below) for information on the many uses of tags and how to implement them.

Emailing Members Who Have Not Yet Registered for an Event

The great thing about the custom "to" conditions MailChimp offers is the ability to include and exclude certain groups in your campaigns. A great example is if you want to send marketing emails to members who haven't yet registered for a certain event but don't want to send these to those who are already registered.

Sync a Novi group of all of your active members, and sync the attendee list. In the conditions in MailChimp, include the active members, and exclude the attendees for the event.


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