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Learn How to Receive a Payment in Novi AMS

Receiving a payment on an invoice in the backend of your website.

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Where to Receive Payment

There are a few different places within the backend of Novi where you can receive a payment:

1. The Quick Create button (looks like a plus sign) in the top center, accessible almost everywhere on the backend

2. Go to Accounting > Transactions > click the Receive Payment button (top right)

3. When viewing invoice details in a pop-up modal, click the Receive Payment button (top right next to the Balance Due)

  • This is applicable anywhere on the website where you can view an invoice, including the Transactions section, on a specific record, on an event attendee list, etc.

4. Click Receive Payment in the Action column underneath the caret symbol.

  • This is applicable in both the Accounting > Transactions section and on a particular member record's Transactions tab.

How To Receive Payment

Once you have navigated to the Receive Payment screen, simply fill out the fields in the modal.

  • The first two options mentioned above will open a blank Receive Payment screen.

  • The last two options will open the screen with the particular customer and invoice number already selected.

  • Select your customer in the drop-down, or click the button to Find by Invoice No.

  • The Payment Date is automatically set to the current date, but you can edit this if needed.

  • Select the Payment Method - cash, check, card, etc.

    • Note: Available payment methods pull from the payment methods that are set up in your QuickBooks Online account (learn more).

    • If receiving payment by credit card, the system will ask for credit card information.

  • Feel free to include a Reference Number (optional).

  • Enter the Amount Received.

  • Select the Invoice(s) to apply the payment to (if not already done) by checking the boxes in the first column.

  • Enter a Memo (optional).

  • Choose Save & Close or Save & Add New.

    • When receiving multiple payments, if you select Save & Add New, Novi will remember the Payment Method and Date from the first payment when the modal refreshes.

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