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Cancel Event Registrations in Batch
Cancel Event Registrations in Batch

Learn how to cancel multiple event attendee registrations from the same registration using Batch Actions.

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Novi's "Batch Actions" can be used to cancel multiple event attendee registrations from the same registration.

This workflow is limited to:

  • Cancelling multiple attendees from the same registration

  • Cancelling & refunding the entire purchase amount

  • Cancelling & charging a cancellation fee

To cancel a single registration or to issue partial or no refunds upon cancelation, please see this article: Cancel an Event Registration

How to Cancel Registrations in Batch

1. Identify the attendee records that need to be canceled

For a little extra help finding records in a long list, consider using the Filter to search for a specific ticket(s) under Registration Type and Registration Status Active. You can further search by Payment Status or Attendance Status.

2. Select the attendee records to be canceled

Ensure that you are only selecting attendees that were registered at the same time, in the same registration.

3. Under "Batch Actions," select "Cancel & Refund Selected"

Registrations paid via credit card at the time of purchase (using a Sales Receipt) will be refunded directly to the credit card used. Registrations created using invoices will be refunded through the issuance of a credit memo.

4. Enter a cancellation fee or enter zero to offer a full refund.

The cancellation fee will default to the QuickBooks item the ticket was originally mapped to. If all ticket types are mapped to the same class, they will also default the refund to it. Admins can choose re-map the cancellation fee to a different QuickBooks Online Item (Product and Service) than the default. A zero will cancel the registration and offer a full refund or issue a credit memo if the invoice is unpaid.

Additional Info

  • To cancel one ticket on a registration with multiple attendees, find the attendee and click the Cancel link in the Action column (on the Attendees tab of the event). If the registration was Invoiced, the system will create a credit memo for the portion of the amount that applies to this attendee. If the event registration was paid via credit card at the time of purchase (resulting in a Sales Receipt), then a refund will be issued to the cardholder and a Refund Receipt will be created in QuickBooks.

  • Note: If credits are automatically being applied to open invoices and you would rather issue a refund, refer to this QuickBooks Online help article for steps to edit your settings.

  • When viewing your event attendee list, the batch select option will prompt you to “Select All” the records on your list (not just the ones visible on the current view of results).

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