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Edit Ecommerce Product Checkout Cart
Edit Ecommerce Product Checkout Cart

Learn how to customize the text shown in your checkout cart, including the title and product shipping information.

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There are four areas within your association's checkout cart that may be customized. These include the title, subtitle, pickup from address, and shipping.

To view your website's checkout cart, go to the frontend and add /products/checkout to the end of the URL.

Title & Subtitle

To edit the page title (#1 below) and subtitle (#2 below) of the checkout cart, set the Page Editor to Active, then click into either region, make your edits, and save each region.

Delivery Method

Products that have "Requires Fulfillment" toggled on will instruct customers to pick up the product from the association's office. This pickup address (#3 below) will be the address of your association. This can be updated in your settings: Association Settings > Association > Contact Info.  Please note that this address will update the address that shows in your footer as well as your Contact Us page.

Products that have a shipping weight will also give customers the opportunity to select shipping (#4 below). This information can also be updated in your settings: Association Settings > Ecommerce > Fulfillment Options. This includes a section for additional instruction verbiage that can appear in Sections #3 and #4. When shipping is available for a product, it will be the default option.

Note: If you have set your site-wide settings to not allow Shipping or Pick-up you will not see #3 and #4 above. If you select pick-up or shipping only you will see the appropriate radio button only.

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