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Novi Support

Learn the best ways to get support and advice from the Novi team and the timeline for our response.

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Our mission at Novi AMS is to amplify the change that you - our association partners - create in your industries, professions, and communities. 

When it comes to customer support, our goal is to help teach, empower, and ultimately empower you to use our software in ways that will make the most impact on your organization.

Help Articles

We suggest that be your first stop when looking for "how-to" information or best practices for using Novi AMS. 

We invest a considerable amount of time into our support documentation. At the time that this particular article was written, we had over 500 articles available, many of which are complete with:

  • step-by-step guides

  • screengrabs

  • best practices

  • how-to-videos

The ultimate goal is to provide you and your teams 24/7 access to what is in essence our own internal knowledge base.

Just like our software, we rely on our association partners to give us feedback to make our help resource better. If you find an article confusing or missing information, please let us know. Also, don't be surprised if one of your questions prompts us to write up an entire article - that's how most of these articles were written!

Intercom (aka "the Blue Bubble")

If you're not able to find the answer to your question in our help resource, the best way to reach out to us is through Intercom. Many of our association partners call this messaging system the "Blue Bubble" since the easiest way to open Intercom is by clicking on the blue circle in the bottom right-hand corner of any admin page of your website.

Intercom allows our team a level of collaboration that is significantly better and faster than email or calling in. It allows us to respond more quickly, loop in our Tier 2 specialists faster, and ensure that we keep you in the loop on the progress of feature requests and bug fixes.

Our goal is to respond to every request within a business day. Often times you will find that one of us responds within an hour or even within a few minutes. However, this response time is largely based on whether our team is already working with other association partners at the time that the request arrives.

Zoom Meetings

For items that are particularly complex, we might suggest a meeting via video chat.

Training & Consulting

For training, we offer regularly scheduled group trainings.

If you’re looking for highly specific training, you can book a session for your specific need. From workshops to intensive one on ones, for a nominal charge, we can lean into a deep dive on setting up events, user reports, and more.

Novi Notes

During onboarding, your onboarding specialist may have documented processes with you in your association's Novi Notes, a dedicated page on the backend designed to be used for documenting processes that are specific to your organization. Don't forget to refer back to these for process-related questions, and as new processes are put in place, make sure to update those as well.

Support is Not Provided Directly to Members

While the Novi AMS support team may assist our association partners in supporting their members' use of the website, we do not provide direct support to members themselves. Our team does not know your membership like you do. We wouldn't want to deliver a member experience that doesn't match your vision. More importantly, we wouldn't want to unwittingly give someone access or member benefits to which he or she is not entitled.

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