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Novi Notes and Help Resources
Novi Notes and Help Resources

Need help? Check out these resources!

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Need some help when working in Novi? No problem! For quick access to Novi resources, click on the question mark in the upper right corner on the backend of your site.

You’ll see six options in the drop-down:

1. Help Articles - takes you directly to our collection of more than 550 articles where you can find advice and answers from the Novi AMS team

2. Novi Notes - opens a separate page on the backend of your site where your team can keep important notes about internal processes (keep reading below to learn more)

3. Novi Exchange - takes you to Novi's online community where you can engage in conversations with your peers and learn best practices

4. Contact Novi - opens the Intercom Messenger, where you can send a message to the Novi AMS team

5. Live Virtual Training - takes you to our Novi HQ website, directly to the upcoming events list for our complimentary group trainings, where you and your staff can register to learn more about Novi (topics include: Website Content, Events, Transactions, or Reports)

6. Upcoming Roundtables - takes you to our Novi HQ website, directly to the upcoming events list for our roundtable sessions, where you and your staff can register for conversations with other Novi users on Novi tips, tricks, and best practices

What are "Novi Notes"?

Novi Notes is a dedicated page on the backend of your site for documenting processes that are specific to your organization. The content area on this page is fully editable for easy reading, and admins have the ability to add text, images, links, and other content as needed.

For example, you may add a note about:

  • special billing procedures

  • nuanced event setup

  • steps to take when approving new members

  • when and how to drop members who haven't paid their dues

  • or other helpful tips for your teammates when working in the Novi system

This isn’t intended to hold notes about specific members (remember: you have the Timeline for that!), but rather, notes that will help you and your team streamline and remember your important Novi processes. Your Novi Notes will also come in handy when hiring new staff or if someone goes on vacation, to quickly get them up to speed on the nuances of your association.

Add your notes in the editable content region, using the editor toolbar to format and insert links, images, and files as needed. Don't forget to click the green Save button on the right! Changes will be tracked in the audit log.

Who Can Access Novi Notes?

A person's level of admin access determines if they can edit Novi Notes or only view the information.

  • Association Admins and Novi Admins have full editing privileges.

  • Limited Admins can view the content, but will not have the option to edit.

This page is only accessible on the backend and is not visible to your regular users/members.

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