Some of our association partners have found the need to grant their member benefits to their own staff as well as to outside organizations.

Here's the workflow:

1. Create a "free" membership type

Follow the instructions on this card to create a free membership type.  If there are no dues rules, then it will be free.

2. Hide member type on the website

You might want to hide this member type from website visitors. To do so, leave the checkbox in the screenshot below unchecked.

3. Turn on the member benefit flow

If your member type is tied to companies you will want to flow benefits to the people.

4. Customize groups and reports

If this member type is for your internal staff, for example, then consider when they should be included or excluded from a group or report so you can create the necessary conditions.

  • Examples of when to include:

    • A group that's being used to lock down the visibility of members-only content.

    • A group that's being used to sync emails to MailChimp or Constant Contact and you want your staff to also receive those email campaigns.

  • Examples of when to exclude:

    • A report that's being used to determine the association's total membership count.

    • A group that's being used to populate the member directory on the frontend website.

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