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Reinstatement Fees

Learn how to automate a reinstatement fee for members who want to re-join your organization.

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If an organization charges a fee to reinstate a previous member that is now expired, automate this process by adding a new dues rule to each member type that this fee would apply to.

How to add a Reinstatement Fee

1. Go to Members > Member Types

2. Select the appropriate Member Type

3. Go to the Dues Rules tab and add a new dues rule with the setup below.

  • Please note, we used the most common "days ago" set-up below, but this can be edited per association.

Example: Reinstatement Dues Rule

Now a reinstatement fee will automatically be added to the invoice!

Related Setting

Be sure to double-check your "Treat expired members as new members" setting on the member type as well. Reinstatement fees will not apply to new members, so you'll want to make sure you aren't treating expired members as new until after reinstatement fees should no longer apply.

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