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Learn more about how recurring events work in Novi and when to use this type of setup.

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Recurring events in Novi allow you to create a "Save the Date" type of notice on your calendar (e.g. weekly/monthly committee meetings). Unlike a typical event registration, you won't collect specific registration information or sell tickets for recurring events. However, exceptions can be made for specific dates if needed.

How to Create a Recurring Event

In the Event modal, check the Make Recurring box, and set the Recurrence Pattern. The example below is a monthly recurrence, but you'll want to choose what's right for your event.

Frontend View & Add to Calendar

When a user views a recurring event on the frontend, they will see the "Next Date" displayed. This is the next date that the event is happening. If they click the "Add to Calendar" button, only the next date will be added to their calendar.

Note: You can manage who the "Add to Calendar" button appears for under Association Settings > Events. It can appear for all website visitors, logged in registered attendees or no one at all.

Create an Exception

Tickets cannot be created on a recurring event and therefore registrations or RSVPs cannot be collected on the frontend. However, exceptions can be made for specific dates, which will allow you to set event capacity and registration options (i.e. tickets). This will also display that specific date on its own events page. 

To create an exception, open the event on the backend and go to the Details tab. In the Date & Time section, there are two options:

1. Existing Date

If you're making an exception to one of the dates that's already included in the recurrence, find it on the calendar view and click on it.

In the Edit Occurrence modal, click on Create Exception or Delete Occurrence.

2. New Date

If the date is not already included in the recurrence, click on the Create New Occurrence button (located above the calendar). 

When this 'new' event opens, go to the Details tab and update the Date & Time as needed, and check the Friendly File Name.

Once an exception has been made, tickets can be created on the new event. If you're just looking for people to RSVP, then set your tickets to free.

>> More info on Event Ticket Setup

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