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Creating an Event Ticket Category
Creating an Event Ticket Category

Learn how to group event tickets using Ticket Categories.

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If you've ever hosted an event, you know how important it is to make your registration simple and intuitive for your attendees. We definitely agree - which is why we have Ticket Categories!

These categories allow you to group event tickets together, so that registration is simpler to navigate, and finding tickets that apply to you as an attendee is easier than ever. While this will help organize any event, this is especially helpful for larger events such as conferences that have many different types of registration options.

This not only makes registration look cleaner but it also more definitively points your attendees to the tickets they're looking for, which means fewer questions and phone calls to you!

About Event Categories

If a category is set up, on the event registration page, purchasers are shown headers that can be expanded (can click the minus signs to close) upon navigating to the page, or closed by default!

Creating Ticket Categories

To create a new category, simply:

  • Head to your event on the backend.

  • In the top right of the event, click the New button.

  • In the dropdown, select Ticket Category.

  • When the New Ticket Category modal opens, enter the Name of your new category. This becomes the header of your category.

  • If you'd like the category to appear "opened" when someone views your event page, leave Collapse by Default turned off.

  • If you'd like the category to appear "closed" when someone views your event page, turn Collapse by Default on.

  • Now you've created your category! You will see it on the Tickets tab of the event. It will have no tickets in it by default.

Adding Tickets to Categories

To add tickets to categories:

  • Find your category on the Tickets tab of the event.

  • Click and drag/drop your ticket(s) to their respective category.

  • The order in which you drag/drop your tickets is the order they will appear on the event registration page.

  • Notice that there is a (No Ticket Category) section for tickets not placed in a category. This appears on the frontend with a header of Other Registration Options.

Arranging Categories

Just like tickets can be arranged, so can the categories! To edit this, simply click on the category itself in the list and drag/drop to the appropriate location in regard to the other categories. This is the order in which it will appear on the frontend.

Editing Categories

If you need to edit the name of an existing category, click "Edit" next to the category itself in the list. This will also let you edit if it is expanded or collapsed by default. Click the carat icon on the right to delete a category. You will need to remove the tickets from the category before doing so.

Other Items of Note

  • These categories will also show to you in the registration modal when you register attendees from the backend.

  • Categories are per event. Setting up a category on one event will not automatically add it to others.

  • However, copying an event will copy over ticket categories.

  • This does not affect the functionality or creation of tickets.

  • If someone does not have permission to see ANY tickets in a category or if the category itself does not have any tickets, they will not see the category on the frontend.

  • Two categories cannot have the same name.

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