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Copy an Existing Event in Novi
Copy an Existing Event in Novi

Copy your event to re-use it for your next occurrence in Novi AMS.

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After spending time crafting the perfect event in Novi, it is easy to copy that same event when the event occurs again (with updates, of course!). There are just a few critical steps to complete to ensure that copying your event is a seamless process.

How to Copy an Existing Event

  • Go to the Events tab on the backend.

  • Find the event to be copied and on the very far right of the event, click the dropdown arrow and select Copy Event from the dropdown option.

  • After copying the event, a duplicate event will appear with the word COPY behind it to indicate that it is a copy of the original event.

Editing a Copied Event: Critical Points Not to Miss

Update the Event Name

  • Be sure to update the name of the copied event so it doesn't have the word COPY in the title.

SEO Updates

Updating the SEO of the copied event is also very important - the updated information needs to be different from the previous event's information.

  • Update the Page Name and Friendly File Name

    • Considering adding the year, month, season, or some other unique element (or combination of) to help differentiate the copied event from the previous event.

    • Examples: Update the Page Name to Golf Tournament March 20XX with a Friendly File Name of golf-tournament-march-20XX or update the Page Name of Golf Tournament Spring 20XX with a Friendly File Name of golf-tournament-spring-20XX)

Important: Please note that Friendly File Names can only be used once.

  • Do not use a Friendly File Name like golf-tournament because that means that link is no longer available (save generic Friendly File Names for permanent/static pages on your website).

  • For events, make sure the Friendly File Name is specific and provide information to help the attendee know that they are looking at the most up-to-date event information for the correct year.

    • If a golf tournament is in September 2050, an ideal Friendly File Name is golf-tournament-2050.

    • The next year, the Friendly File Name should be golf-tournament-2051.

Update Event Details

Be sure to review and update crucial information about your copied event including (but not limited to):

  • Logo and Featured Image

  • Date

  • Location

  • Tickets/Pricing

  • Agenda

  • Product Add-Ons (Ecommerce)

  • Promo Codes

  • Settings

More Info on Events

Now that the event has been copied, review related articles to perfect every aspect of your event!

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