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Notification Email Sent to Individuals with Management Access When a New Account is Created
Notification Email Sent to Individuals with Management Access When a New Account is Created

When a new user account is created under an organization, an automatic email is sent to the Primary Contact & those with Management Access.

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One of the major advantages to using Novi AMS software for your member management is the ability to flow membership benefits from a dues-paying company to its people or sub-companies. 

Another advantage is the ability for people to sign up on the frontend of your website and self-manage their account. The flip side is that these capabilities could cause security concerns - what if a user signs up under a company they don't work for?

To address any possible security issues when users create accounts on the frontend, Novi offers these features:

  • When someone creates a new user account, they will be added to the Recent Signups list on the backend, so admins can check for duplicate records and anything else your association chooses to review/verify. Learn more about the Recent Signups list.

  • When a user creates a new account under a parent company, a notification email will automatically be sent to the person/people with Management Access on the company's record, which includes the Primary and Billing Contacts. Learn more about this email below.

  • To prevent bad actors creating fake accounts, Novi asks new user signups to confirm their email, and validates the account email against approved email domains in your database. If there is no match, the new user signup will be placed in a pending status in your Recent Signups for you to verify, and accept or deactivate.

Notification Email Sent To Primary Contacts

In order to promote self-service on the frontend of your website, Novi allows users to create an account and inherit benefits from their parent company. To avoid any security issues, such as signing up under a company they don't work for, Novi will automatically notify the company's Primary Contact, Billing Contact, and people with Management Access (if applicable) when a new user selects their organization as the parent member.

From there, the primary/billing contact or individual with management access may remove this person from their People list if needed from the Member Compass. Learn more about the Member Compass "People" tab.

In the screenshot below, you can see that the email includes the name of the person who created an account and provides a link to the Member Compass where they can remove unauthorized employees.

Email Subject: Individual Linked to Your Company on Association of No Workarounds

Additional Information:

  • The verbiage in this email is standard across all Novi clients and cannot be edited by association staff.

  • The automatic notification email for primary contacts and individuals with management access can be turned off. Please reach out to Novi via Intercom if you'd like to change your association's setting. This is a site-wide setting and we do NOT recommend turning this off due to the security concerns explained above.

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