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This error: Validation Exception was thrown.Details:Invalid Reference Id : Line.SalesItemLineDetail.ItemRef.

Likely means: Someone deactivated a QuickBooks item (product/service) that is being used in the transaction that the user was trying to process.

Resolution: Re-activate the item (product/service) in QuickBooks or re-map the dues rule or event ticket to a different item.  Note that Ecommerce products ARE items, so they would need to be reactivated.


All sales transactions in QuickBooks must be tied to one or more items (also called product/service).  In fact, each line item on the transaction must correspond to one of those products or services.  When Novi creates transactions on your behalf (through an event registration, dues renewal, or Ecommerce check-out), we use those same items to create the underlying transactions.

If a QuickBooks admin deletes or deactivates an item in QuickBooks, Novi can no longer use the item to create the transaction.

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