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Troubleshooting: Product Missing Active QuickBooks Item Or Account
Troubleshooting: Product Missing Active QuickBooks Item Or Account
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Products in Novi such as sponsorships, subscriptions, etc., also become products inside of QuickBooks Online. 

Also known as items, these products are connected to Accounts in QuickBooks.

If an Account or the product itself is deleted inside of QuickBooks,  the product will no longer be purchasable within Novi until a new Account is connected to the product or the product is made active again in QuickBooks.

If you see messages similar to... 

This badge in the product's Details section:

This message when trying to save the product's details:

Or this message when trying to place an order from the backend:

You should...

Head to QuickBooks Online.

Check that the product as well as the account that the product is attached to is active. 

Important Items of Note: 

  • The messaging you see may not be an exact match to the examples above. The message will depend on what exactly is wrong with the product setup AND if QuickBooks and Novi are in sync.

  • Your members will see a friendly message on the frontend of the website if they attempt to purchase a product affected by one of these issues. If they report a message to you that is similar to "This product is not quite ready to purchase, please contact us and give us the following error message: An active QuickBooks item was not found for this product." the message is referring to the issues outlined in this article.

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