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Understanding the User Login Screen

See what users will experience when signing in to your website.

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When users attempt to log in to your Novi website, our login process directs them to their next step in a personalized way. This cuts down on confusion surrounding logins, eliminates the need for instructions, and of course, reduces calls and emails to you - score!

The guide to different login screens will walk you through what users will see in different scenarios, so if there are any questions, you're equipped to point them in the right direction.

Here's how it works:

When users go to your login page, they'll first be asked to simply enter their email address.

From there, the system will look up potential accounts associated with that email address and recognize if the email falls into 1 of 3 categories (see below).

Scenario 1: They have a record, a User Account (i.e. login), and have already set a password - they just need to login

In this scenario, the user already has a password and has logged in before. Their email address will be displayed under Login. They just need to type in their password and log in.

  • Notice that they are also able to reset their password from this screen.

  • If the user receives an Invalid Login Attempt error, this means they've entered the wrong password. They can click the eyeball icon (top right of the Password field) to see what they're typing. We also recommend that they do not copy/paste the password in case it adds an extra space to the end.

Scenario 2: The email address entered is not associated with any User Accounts

In this scenario, the user is prompted to check the spelling of their email address, or try a different email, or create a new account.

Please remember 2 things:

  • Having a record in the system does not automatically mean the user has a login (i.e. user account).

  • A record's Professional Contact email address does not necessarily equal their User Account email address. Some people could be logging in with a personal email address, but have their contact email set as their professional email.

On the backend, the "contact email" is found on the person's Details tab and their "user account email" is found on the Settings tab. Learn more about the difference between Professional Contact Email and User Account Email.

Remember that if they have a record already, the account creation will pick up on their name & company name (or lack of) to connect the login account they're creating with their existing record. Learn more about user record matching and duplicate detection.

Scenario 3: They had a User Account created for them by an admin or during data import, but have not set a password yet

In this scenario, the user has a record AND a login account, they just haven't picked out a password yet. This scenario happens after data import when a site launches and users are coming to log in for the first time, or if an admin creates a record for a person and creates the user account, but the person hasn't set their password.

They'll be prompted to set a password and log in, then they're good to go.

Invalid Login Attempt

After the first incorrect password is entered, the password field will be cleared for the user to attempt again. Also, a reCAPTCHA box will appear just underneath as an extra security precaution. This feature is a free service from Google that helps protect websites from spam and abuse, by establishing that the current user is human instead of an automated bot.

The user simply needs to check the "I'm not a robot" box in addition to entering their password again.

Novi Tip: To view the Login page (/login) as an admin, you will either need to log out of the site or open the page in an incognito browser window. Otherwise, you will be redirected to the backend since you're already logged in.

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