How Constant Contact affects Novi AMS:

If someone is a part of a group in Novi, but chooses to unsubscribe from Constant Contact emails, the two platforms will communicate the changes without overriding each other. 

Once a user unsubscribes, they will be deleted from the list in Constant Contact and will remain in the Novi group. This will allow you to continue regular use of the group for any non-email purposes.  

How unsubscribing from emails affects Constant Contact:

Per Constant Contact, unsubscribing removes them from all of your Constant Contact lists. Keep in mind that even though Novi syncs with Constant Contact, it will not overwrite the opt-out in Constant Contact if you go in to Novi, update the group and save it.

The good news is that Constant Contact does allow you to "ask" the user to rejoin by sending them a re-subscribe request. Due to spam laws, you cannot manually re-add a user who has unsubscribed back to a Constant Contact list. If a user re-subscribes but is showing an error in the Novi group sync, make sure they have "express" permission in Constant Contact (not "implied" permission).

If a user asks an admin to unsubscribe them from Constant Contact emails:

If a user expresses that they do not want to receive emails but has not yet unsubscribed, follow these steps:

  1. Find and click on the user record on the Novi backend.

  2. Click on the Settings tab.

  3. Underneath the Communication heading, check the box for Do Not Send Marketing Emails (see screenshot below).

  4. Click the Save button on the right side of the screen.

This will prevent the user from ever showing up in any Constant Contact lists. However, it will not affect their ability to be in a Novi Group that is connected to Constant Contact.


Check out this Constant Contact help article for more info on unsubscribed contacts.

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