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Roundtable: One on One Member Engagement
Roundtable: One on One Member Engagement

August 5, 2020

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During this roundtable, Novi customers shared how they are tracking member engagement with Novi's Activity Timeline and Task Tracking features, as well as strategies and tactics to engage members during these uncertain times.

Conversation Recap:

How are you sharing your Association's goals and making sure your members feel connected?

Digital & Visual Recognition

  • Creating & Sending out an infographic to members with renewal messages that includes # of New members, Legislative issues that they've won both at the state and national level, and info about members engaged in educational courses for designation/credentials.

  • Sponsor logos on banners placed behind speakers during virtual events

  • Slides with Annual Sponsors while "Waiting Room" is enabled for virtual events

  • "Getting to Know ___" - Ask Sponsors (or members) to fill out an "About You" form and to send a photo of a project they're working on or a team photo. Then, the Association sends out the responses to recognize the sponsor in an email blast. They send these out biweekly to members.

Connections through Virtual Meetings

  • Virtual Engagement through Town Halls & Webinars - providing educational opportunities and the ability for members to share experiences

  • Weekly Coffee Chats - unscripted (mostly), everyone shows off their mug, have a few conversation-starting questions, but mostly allow the conversation to flow naturally, people share both lighthearted information and ask serious questions

Connecting One-on-One

  • Board members were tasked with calling Supplier Members on an individual basis, to check in - great response

  • Thanking Essential Workers in the industry via Social Media & emails

Sponsor Recognition

  • Member Showcase: offering a Zoom interview between the ED and the Member. This is a one on one interview, promoted as a webinar to the members. Featuring the member on Novi's Homepage Slider, with links to the blog post and the interview embedded in a video on the blog post.

Attendee Question: Is anyone offering benefits that are normally only accessible to current members, relaxing the requirements to be a member to get those benefits, in order to encourage member engagement or attain new members?

"At first [when the Covid-19 crisis began], we did offer resources for free but now we want to solidify that you need to be a member. We did make some resources more accessible, using Novi functionality, by making some of our news articles open, and others only accessible to members. It gives them a little flavor for it because it gives them an image, and they click on it, then they get the restricted to members message."

Any last tips?

Partnering with a like-minded association to provide programs can be hugely beneficial to both your association and to your members. BAAA & AAGO were able to partner together and using the strength of their two teams together, has allowed them to roll out 50 programs and town halls in the past half year.

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