AddThis: Tips & Tricks

Learn about AddThis and some tips and tricks for using their software.

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Please note: Since this is a third-party tool, we are not able to assist in troubleshooting or modifying code given to you by the third-party.


AddThis is software that allows you to add floating social icons and other content sharing opportunities to your Novi website. Learn more about AddThis here.

When adding AddThis to your site you have several customization options. When choosing from the list of options some items to consider:

Left vs Right Alignment

What other elements are on your page that this tool may interfere with? If you are using the One Time Alert then a left aligned placement may run into each other. Conversely, if you are using a Live Chat or other third party chat tools, a right aligned placement may not work for you.

Horizontal Placement

We recommend that you do not add the AddThis tool immediately at the top or bottom of your page. A 10 to 20% desktop vertical offset is recommended. The navigation and footer containers are generally wider than the site content and you could run the risk of block key functionality and inadvertently blocking a user from navigating your site and accessing key information.

Small Screen Best Practices

Your responsive site will go into tablet mode at 991px and suggest you update the responsive width the match. On mobile and tablet devices, we recommend a bottom placement as the top placement will block the site's navigation and block users from navigating your site.

Page Recommendation

There are several pages throughout your site that AddThis may detract from the content. We recommend hiding AddThis on:

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