Refunding a Dues Payment

Information for Novi AMS customers.

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If you've had a member pay their dues and need to refund the payment, start in QuickBooks Online.

If it's after 3pm on the day of the sale, you will need to issue a refund receipt. 

How To Issue a Refund Receipt

1. From the + menu, select Refund Receipt.

2. In the refund receipt window, choose the Customer from the drop-down menu.

3. If paid by credit card, select Credit Card as the payment method. If you told QuickBooks to remember the credit card number, you won’t have to re­enter it.

If there isn't a credit card available, you have a few options here:

  • Reach out to the customer and ask for their credit card information so that you can issue them the refund via that method

  • Issue the refund via check

  • Choose to apply the refund towards future payments

4. Click the Product/Service drop­down and choose the product being refunded.

5. Make sure the refund Amount is correct, including tax. Then click Save and Close.

If you want to double-check that the refund went through, go back to the customer's list of transactions and you will see the refund.

NOTE: If the reason for the refund was due to a duplicate paid member record, you will need to go into Novi and merge the records

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