The Report

The Set of Options Report allows you to view and export a list of all values in a specific custom field, and can be used for any fields that are a "set of options" field type.

A common example for many associations is an Areas of Expertise (AOE) custom field, which is used in the online member directory as well as printed directories.

The main difference between this report and a custom report of the same field is that the Set of Options report will list each value on a separate row.

  • In the example below, Access Control, Inc. is listed on 3 separate rows because they have 3 values selected in the Areas of Expertise custom field on their record (Apartments, Schools, and Utilities).

View the Set of Options Report

  1. Go to the backend and click Reporting in the left sidebar.

  2. Then click on Set of Options.

  3. When the report opens, select the custom field from the Choose Custom Field for Report dropdown. Note: Only "set of options" fields will be available.

  4. The list will automatically populate all member records with a value (or values) in the selected custom field. If a member has more than one value they will be listed multiple times.

Components of the Report


Search the results by member name.

  • Company Name

  • Person Name


The following filters can be used to customize the report results:

  • Member Type - The default setting shows all member types. Click in this filter to select one or more specific member types.

  • Option Value - The default setting shows all values for the selected custom field. You can narrow down the results by choosing one or more specific values.

  • Membership Status - The default setting shows Current members. You can add Non-Members, Prospects, Pending, Expired, and/or Inheriting in this filter.

Display Columns

Some columns show by default, others are available under the gear icon. The report can be sorted by any of the columns (except Shipping Address) by clicking on the column header.

  • Option Value

  • Member Name - click on a name to open the member's record

  • Member Type

  • Member Status

  • Shipping Address

  • Billing Address

  • Parent Name

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Website

  • Open Balance

  • Membership Expiration Date

  • Primary Contact Name

  • Custom fields that are visible in the Member List View (see image below for the custom field settings)

Exporting the Report

The Set of Options report can be exported to a .pdf or .csv file by clicking the corresponding icon (see image below).

  • PDF (printer icon) - includes only the columns that are shown in the list

  • CSV (paper with an "x" icon) - includes the data from all available columns

Export Icons:

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